Back to School with Charter Reserve

USA-made deli meats that are good for kids and easy on moms. Now that’s Real. Good. Deli.

Kid-friendly deli snack board

Kid-friendly Deli Snack Board

Ready for a time-saver and a stress-reducer? For their next after-school snack or even dinner, build a deli board to give your kids a tasty array of flavors and an excellent source of protein. Start with their favorite Charter Reserve premium deli meats and cheeses. Add grapes or crackers—whatever’s on hand—and you’ve got a snack or meal that’s easy on everyone, Mom included.

Sliced fresh from the deli:
1 lb Charter Reserve Golden Roasted Seasoned Turkey Breast
1 lb Charter Reserve Black Forest Ham
.5 lb Charter Reserve Colby Jack cheese
.5 lb Charter Reserve White American cheese
Fun extras (pick 2 or 3):
1 lb fresh green grapes
1 pkg baby carrots
1 pkg sandwich crackers
1 pint blueberries

5 Days, 5 Ways-video

5 Days, 5 Ways:
Lunches All Week Long

One trip to the deli counter and you’ve got a week of lunches at the ready. Try these ideas for Charter Reserve Golden Roasted Turkey Breast—an excellent source of protein. Buy a pound or two to make these never-boring lunches.

Bonus: at the end of the week, chop up what’s left for a quick and tasty salad.

sandwiches video

Easy Sandwich Ideas to Keep in Your Rotation

Mix it up–Charter Reserve’s premium deli meats and cheeses give you unlimited options for sandwiches all week long. They’re sliced fresh, an excellent source of protein, and always delicious.

1. Black Forest Ham and Cheese (try it hot!)
2. Golden Roasted Chicken Breast Club
3. Grilled American Cheese Sandwich
4. Golden Roasted Turkey Breast and Bacon
5. Honey Turkey Breast Sliders

What really matters is
quality and taste

That’s why we wanted to make deli that tastes good and is good for you. Charter Reserve is a real value for you and your family — one you can enjoy starting at the supermarket checkout.

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